Friday, 4 May 2012


Fuck off, Brian,
Yer da'in ma heid in,
Get away tae fuck wi ye,
What are ye sayin'?
That ye dinnae understand the plot?
Ye fuckin stupit numpty,
Ye wouldnay ken a line fae a dot,
Ye fuckin garrulous cunt.

Fuck off Brian,
Ah've had enough o' ye,
Friend tae nane,
There's no nae nounce tae ye.
Ye cannae commit tae
Judgement or sense,
Yer happy tae sit
Oan yer rickity fence,
Ye fuckin garrulous cunt.

Well, fuck ye ye cunt,
Ye fanny,
Ye cock,
Coz athin hereafter'll,
Come as a shock.
Ah'm Brian,
Aye me,
Brian's ma name,
An it's me Ah've been tellin,
Tae fuck an tae blame,
For the soul Ah've been sellin -
An it's me,
That'll burn,
In eternal flame,
But fuck you, tae,
It'll dae ye good,
Coz ye'll still burn wi me,
In Hell, like ye should,
Ye fuckin garrulous cunt.