Thursday, 21 November 2013

Urban Decay

Oh, what fun,
Urban decay,
The tips point down,
And a profound friendship,
 Ignites from pain and absurdity.
A profound friendship,
Never to decay,
Never to be lost,
Even in life,
Even in death,
I'll have you believe,
Oh, what fun,
Urban decay,
And the tips point down
And there's you and I.

Friday, 15 November 2013

That Explosive Moment

There is a moment,
When ye run intae a bus,
Flat oot on foot,
Right intae the side,
O’ a movin’,

That explosive moment comes,
When ye realezz,
Yev run intae the side,
O’ a movin’ bus,
An’ you might no be deid.

Ye didnae look and…
Wi’ a crunch,
Ye instantly kent,
That ye wir there,
In the moment,
But might no be,
In a moment.

What’s the damage?
But ye dinnae ken,
Yev just run intae a bus.

Jist like that moment,
In the park,
Walkin’ the doag,
In the moarning mist,
When uncle said,
Is that voddie in that boattle,
Yer pretendin’ is lemonehd?
And you realezz,
He kens it ah,
That explosive moment,
Comes wi’
Yer suddenly freed.

Just like that moment,
Fleetin’ but coloassal,
You stood in the hoaspital,
Starin’ doon coarridore,
Numb an helpless,
At ah the brightness,
O’ the tunnel,
And the places we go,
When we’re no here anymare.
Suddenly freed.

Eh ran intae a bus nn aa,
Aye, Eh ran intae a bus, tae.
The moment
Suddenly freein’ me,
Thir’s blood an’ athin’,
Shock an fear,
But yer suddenly freed,
It’s worth it aa,
Cos yer, 
Suddenly freed,
Ye suddenly feel yersel’,
An yer free,
Filled wi freedom.

Eh ran intae that bus nn aa.