Friday, 14 October 2011

Thirty Pages North

Pre-injection alcohol swab -
Swipe me from behind,
Hit me hard,
Punt me with a Martin to the palettes in the yard.
Use Jamie’s Magic Torch
For Tunnel of Delight,
Thirty pages North,
Toward the Slinky in the night.

Brasso –
Force my hand to the list,
My vow to return,
To eradicate the PVA
From the Crêpe Heart-Burn.
Occupy my list,
- As you occupy my past,
- As you occupy my present,
As you’ll occupy my Last.

Honeysuckle –
Roll my bobbin up,
Unpick all the issues,
Wrap them then discard them
In the sea of salty tissues.
Say, “What happened to us? What happened to me?”
Forgive and lay aside
My Action Man.
My Action Man can
Daisy Chain my pride.

Ocean –
Cry me distant roars,
Thawed from ice,
Let loose,
From Dens and Tannadice.
Surprise me with a Lucky Bag
As a mass of brute-red faces
Steam around the corner
From “yer no allowed there” places.

Thirty pages North,
Through a grimy crack in glass,
Still the ground it shakes,
And trembles as They pass.

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