Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Eh realezzed  that Eh hid tae dae,
A deal wi' Goad,
Eh realezzed that Eh could,
Dae a deal wi' Goad,
That Eh hid somethin' tae bargain wi',
An' the abilitae,
Tae imagine him.

Eh did a deal wi' Goad,
Eh wid believe in meh creation,
In return fir the abilitae,
Tae occupeh meh time,
Wi' exacktly whit Eh wanted,
Tae occupeh meh time,
Except for shoart periods geed-up tae reflection throoghoot the day,
And Sundays gi'en ower tae praise an' contemplation.

Eh've done a deal wi' Goad now,
An' Eh'll maybe see ye oan Sunday,
But no in the Kirk,
Coz he's no there.

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