Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Deid Goarse in a High Wind

Like the deid goarse in a high wind,
Meh love an’ fear, they burn,
Like the heid coarpse wha hauf sinned,
Baith, they twist an’ turn.

Meh love an’ meh fear, meh grace an’ meh hatred,
Meh compassion an’ meh selfishness,
Meh respect an’ meh meanness o’ spirit,
Meh desire an’ meh desire,
Eh can see it aw, there.

Like the deid goarse in a high wind,
Meh desire an’ desire, they burn,
Meh addiction and abstinence,
Desire an’ desire,
Like the deid goarse ablaze,
Annihilatin’ athin’
In its road,
Reclaimin’ athin’
Tae nothin’ but,
The black and the grey,
Makin’ athin’,
 Simple again.
Burnin’, blazin’, ragin’,
That deid goarse gaes up,
Like a fuckin’ toarch,
Ablaze, oan fire,
Like meh desire.

The hoarses manes oarange demons,
Hear the crackle through the thunder,
As they stampede wi’ solar flair,
From whaur asunder?
The riders tak the form,
O’ the chokin’ smoke,
Which maks a grown man creh,
Spinnin through the wind,
Afore turnin’ quick tae deh.

Like the deid goarse in a high wind,
Goes the deid goarse in a high wind,
An’ there’s nothin’ like it,
Tae pit a man in his place.

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