Tuesday, 7 July 2015

the rock

(for Dad)

the sidlaw hills

Sit on the rock,
Tak in the view,
Catch yer breath,
Doff yer cap tae death,
The white clover, the purple heather,
The golden fields o' rape,
Each silver moth,
Each poppin' gorse,
The green, the green,
Then tae blue, blue.

Then you'll ken God,
An' see her horizon,
The ethereal shelf,
Whaur certainty lies,
Burst open an' motionless,
In the boattom o' jars,
Next tae science, religion,
The moon an' the stars.

Sit on this rock,
An' tak in the view,
There's nane finer,
Fae here tae Kathmandu,
There's nane finer,
An' nothin' better tae do.


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