Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Crimson Psychosis

Eh knocked this ane oot,
Fir the smell,
O' the period,
O' crimson and lilac,
Which possess me,
To shiver ah ower,
For That,
Which winnae,
Come again,

As the flesh,

And the time,
Has cheenged,

It winnae come back,

Cannae come back,
But it has - deformed,
By its ane shadow,
Which is never enough,
Rapin' iz, grabbing iz,
Mauling, fondling,
Immersing, suffocating,
Thae deep crimson smells,
In thae deep crimson wells,

An' Eh suffocate,

In this bliss,
This crimson memory,
This lilac Hell,
For only bein' hauf.

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