Sunday, 16 June 2013

Habitual Cynicism

We kerry roond,
The greatest pehn,
The sherpest thoarns,
The heaviest stanes.
That pehn o’ desire,
For a repeat experience,
The pehn o’ longin’,
O’ missin’,
Whaur a second lasts eternity.

We ah miss somebody,
Yer Ma or yer Da,
Yer bairns,
Or yer brother or sister,
Yer freens,
Or yer doag.

A song or a view,
The company o’ a freenly face,
A feelin’ in the pit o’ yer gut,
A freedom fae yersel’.

We kerry roond,
The greatest pehn,
No rich,
No poor,
No stervin’,
No overfed.
The greatest pehn,
O’ crehin’ an crehin’,
Dear Christ,
Eh miss ye,
Dear Goad,
Eh miss ye.

An’ if ye only kent,
If ye only felt the same weh,
Right at that moment,
When Eh felt that weh,
Wid get rid o’ it,
Baith o’ us,
Deid or alev,
That terrible pehn,
That awful desire,

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